God’s Totality

A week ago I got to witness one of God’s majestic wonders. The eclipse was an amazing display of who God is and what He is capable of. I had so much fun watching people reacting on TV  as they saw the different stages of the eclipse and especially when it was in the “totality” phase. I was hoping that someone would mention God, but sadly I didn’t hear His name. But, as I was watching the eclipse through my special glasses, I began thinking about what I had been reading lately about the “totality” of God. What I have learned is so exciting to me that I just have to share it with you!

I have been reading God Is Able by Priscilla Shirer. She actually has a chapter in her book called “Totality”. Because I have always struggled with my self-image, there have been many times I didn’t want to bother God with my issues. I felt like they were stupid or insignificant, so I wouldn’t talk to Him about my troubles or ask for His help. Can anyone relate to that?? Now the funny thing is, He is God and He knows what those issues are, but He still wants us to tell Him and ask for His help. The truth is, “He looks to the ends of the earth and see everything under the heavens.” Job 28:24

Priscilla states, “What I’m saying is—and you will find this to be true, if you haven’t already—God knows about the little things. Your little things. Because when they concern you, they’re not little things anymore. The things that trouble you, no matter how unimportant or trivial they might be to your spouse, children, friends, or parents, are important to God.” After I read this, I just had to let it soak in my brain. My God cares about all the things that concern me. All means totally! He cares about everything that concerns me. I have to be reminded of this fact because it is so easy for me to think that my issues are trivial. It is so easy for me to dismiss my feelings and think that I am being stupid. God is telling me that He cares about everything that I care about. (I need to get this fact through my thick skull once and for all!)

When you see something like the eclipse, it is so easy to believe there is a God. When you look all around at creation it is easy to see that there is a God. When you see a baby being born you know there is a God. I have my issues seeing God in the day to day and in all the problems. Now, before you get too judgmental of me, I want to explain what I am learning. (It will make you feel better!) I am realizing that because I haven’t felt significant enough to involve God in everything, I haven’t asked Him or conversed with Him to help me in a lot of situations. That isn’t His fault. It is mine. He is ready and willing to help me, but I have to go to Him and talk to Him. I know He has intervened several times without me asking, but I am missing out on even more because I am not involving Him in my every day life.

Here is the deal. God can do it all. Nothing escapes His attention. He is completely and totally in charge. I think my problem and maybe your problem is believing that God cares about all the little things that matter to us. Priscilla has a way of making me realize some very important truths. She states, “Sometimes our problem is not that we won’t believe Him for the supernatural and amazing, but that we don’t believe He cares about the routine and everyday. He doesn’t exist only in the stratosphere of extravagant need. His ability comes all the way down to the ground. Where you are. Every day.”

He is right here with us. He is on the ground with us. He is with us every single second of every single day doing life with us. He wants to help us in the trivial things in life. He knows the number of hairs on my head. He knows how many freckles I have on my body. (and I have a lot!) He knows how much I love to watch old movies. He knows the music that makes me happy and one of them is “Happy” by Pharrell Williams. (I just had to play it on my phone) He knows how much I wish I could dance like the people in that video. He knows what makes me mad and brings me joy. He knows how much I love to laugh and have fun. He knows how much I care about people knowing Him. He is a personal God and loves all of us to pieces. I am reminding myself of these facts as I write. God wants me to remember these things as much as He wants you to remember them.

My problem has always been that I have limited my expectations of what God can do because of what I have experienced with people I have interacted with my whole life. Maybe you have done the same thing. I didn’t have the best interactions with my earthly father so it affected the way I have interacted with my heavenly Father. I have been trying to get over the way I view God most of my life. I need to quit comparing the two in my mind because there really is no comparison!

This next paragraph from Priscilla is probably one of the best things that I have read that helps me see how much God wants to be involved in our lives. I need to share it with you. “But as the Bible says, ‘God is not a man, that He should lie.’ Numbers 23:19 When He tells us to ask—as He does on multiple occasions in Scripture—He’s not just trying to sound neighborly. He’s trying to involve us in His blessing. He’s wanting us to experience the fullness of our inheritance in Christ. He’s using a prayer transaction to build trust and relationship. When we take Him up on His invitation to ask for what we need—both the big things and the small things—one of the greatest things He gives us is the opportunity to recognize exactly where our help is coming from. When we request and He answers, we are enabled to know beyond any doubt that He was the One working in our experience.”

Because of the conviction that I feel and the overwhelming fact that God wants to be involved in my life every single second of every single day, I have started a prayer journal for the hundredth time. (Not kidding!) I am writing down all my prayer requests. I am talking with God about everything. I am writing it down and looking for God to do a work in me and in others. I am taking God at His word. “Now to Him who is able to do exceeding abundantly beyond all that we ask or think, according to the power that works within us.” Ephesians 3:20  And on top of that, after each prayer I am asking Him to go way beyond what I can think or imagine. I am asking Him to do more than my limited brain can even think of! I want to see God work! I want to see Him change me and change others. I want to witness His glory! I can’t wait to see what He does in me—how He changes others—how He works in the issues I bring to Him. 

When I ask Him to be involved in my day, He is completely and totally capable of handling everything that comes my way. He is there to give me the strength I need. He is there to give me the wisdom I need. He is there to give me the words I need. I can’t rely on myself to live my life because I am not capable of handling it. I have tried to handle it way too many times without asking God for help and it has been a disaster.

So, I would like to ask you if you are willing to believe that God is able and totally capable of handling you and your problems. I would like to challenge you to keep a prayer journal and ask Him to do mighty things in you, in others and in your situations. Let’s join together in doing life with Him–talking with Him–learning from Him–watching Him work. I know He’s been waiting for us to ask and turn to Him because our God is completely and totally able! So what are you waiting for??? Go ask and talk and learn and listen. Until next time…..

“The same God who’s is saving you from hell is also willing and able to save what’s left of your nerves and your workweek.” Shirer 

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